Sacred Sites 2

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11th station of The Cross, Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem Buddha, China Descent from the Cross, Rubens Golden Buddha,China.
Heavenly Buddhas,
Chengdu, China
Heavenly Buddhas.
Chengdu, China
Interior of chapel, Santa Maria Degli, Italy Katoubia Mosque,
Largest Buddha in the world. Leyshan, China Le Verne Monastery,
Umbria, Italy
Raising of the Cross, Rubens St. Francis, painting in Antwerp Cathedral
Sultan's Tombs, Marrakech The Last Supper, by Otto Van Veen, Antwerp Cathedral Ancient church, Lake Sevan, Armenia Campanile View of churches
Da Vinci's Last Supper Basilica Domes, Venice Campanile Bells, Venice Flooded St. Marks Square, Venice
Grand Canal, Venice Venice from Campanile seawards Oldest of all Christian churches in the world - Armenia Roman Baths, Bath
St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburgh The Alhambra, Granada, Spain

1st Christian church Corfu Town Byzantium period

Byzantium Church 12th Century Old Fort with Church
Burial ground for Sisters of Tymawr Convent Tymawr Convent a Sister prays in the chapel
Tymawr Convent in winter Chiangmai Flower Festival Deity Deities Chiangmai Thailand St. Asaph Cathedral Nth
The Alhambra Granada Spain No 1 The Alhambra Granada Spain
The Blue Mosque Istanbul Manllichen-, Grindelwald, Switzerland
St. Michaels Mount, Cornwall, UK