Foreword & Explanation of Psychic Surgery.
First for Mankind

In July 1995, Joy and Elizabeth embarked on a new venture. Elizabeth was a 27 year old student and had been involved in psychic surgery for just under a year, working as a channel for Harry Edwards. (See Profiles)

I was present at many sessions and find it hard to describe adequately. It is said of those who have seen the Grand Canyon that it is impossible to describe. Having seen both that and psychic surgery, I can say a description of either is impossible.

Over the second half of 1995, Joy’s deteriorating spine was operated on through psychic surgery. The procedures were similar to those you would expect on the physical, but there were significant differences. The object of the exercise was to place an etheric rod into the spine to give it strength. During these sessions, the opportunity was taken to remove calcified fragments and particles of bone which were either attached to the spinal column or floating. These were the results of general wear and tear and calcification. The spine was straightened because it had naturally adjusted to Joy’s other problems. Joy has spondylitis of the whole spine, arthritis in many areas of her body as well as the hips and knees. Therefore the procedures took place over many months with the main surgery on the spine in July and August,

For Joy herself there was a lot of pain and many sleepless nights. The psychic surgery in itself may be relatively painless, but the post-operative trauma and pain was real enough. This is due to the major interference within the auric layers of the patient.

It was a very special experience not only for us, but those in spirit. We had no means of knowing until after the insertion of the etheric rod that this was a FIRST FOR MANKIND. There was great rejoicing by those in spirit to have been able to effect such delicate surgery and so avoid the necessity for Joy to have an operation on the physical. The consultant had made it very clear that if she decided to have this major surgery on our physical level no guarantee could be given of success. Harry stated from the outset of psychic surgery that she would have had to resort to a wheelchair, without some intervention. Nor did he believe that the operation would have been successful if undertaken on the physical level. It was far too complex and risky.

During the sessions, there was ample opportunity to ask questions on a wide range of subjects. How they work together in spirit, how they sense/see, the role of karma and free-will and so on. There was also much humour and laughter. Some of the questions and answers can be seen under a different section.

Sessions were recorded on audio-tape for later transcription. Here we have a series of the most important transcriptions covering the important stages of the process prior to and during the rod actually being installed.

Harry himself often speaks in an 'old fashioned style', with many words and phrases which would have been used during the earlier period of his lifetime. Whilst Joy and I were familiar with most of them, our daughter Elizabeth was not. Much of this has been omitted as it has been necessary for all of the transcripts to be severely edited. Some of the information , was not appropriate to place on record as it referred to individual patients.

The best way to read these transcripts is in date order.

The most important sessions are 1st August, 5th August, 9th August, 14th August, 17th August and 24th August, which comprises the edited transcripts of the preparation for and insertion of the rod. This is what was referred to as a First for Mankind. There is also a description by our dear friend Ros of the visual event which followed the insertion of the rod on 17th August. This is interesting reading in itself.

In 1989 I was facing major surgery with an 80% chance of immobilization and the likelihood of being confined to a wheelchair. This was the opinion of two orthopaedic surgeons. I did not feel inclined to take such a high risk and refused surgery. Things gradually worsened. We were already working with other entities at that time, (one being Edgar Cayce), in a trance channel situation. It was during 1994 that we began working with the entity known as Harry Edwards. Although we had heard of the great man and I had read many of his books, the idea of him working with us through psychic surgery took some getting used to. Whilst Elizabeth accepted this, I was frankly in awe of Harry for a long time.

Harry had never worked in this way prior to starting psychic surgery on my spine. My spine was clearly deteriorating quickly. My guide John, who is well known to Harry, requested that I be given help to enable me to continue work with those in spirit. This refers to Cayce as well as healing which was on-going for others.

The psychic surgery took a long time to complete and the work on the lower spine was as a First for Mankind. Apart from etheric disks being placed in the spine, an etheric rod some 6 inches long was inserted to strengthen my lower spine.

Since then, there have been many psychic surgery operations, some on myself and also other patients. It should be noted that Harry does not work in the way of the psychic surgeons of the Philippines and other psychic surgeons, who can be seen to ‘perform’ operations in a very physical way in which tumors etc. are actually removed from the body.

Harry works entirely on the auric field, using vibrational tools and etheric substances during anaesthesia and also pain killing injections. One special quartz crystal, which is owned by Elizabeth, is used for preparing or cutting through the auric fields prior to surgery.

Other patients have also attested that this not only works, but every movement can be felt within their auric field. Elizabeth is small in stature with tiny hands. One of the most telling remarks is that the hands that do this work are extremely strong and feel like those of a man.

During the time I was having psychic surgery on my spine, the peeling back of the auric layers alone caused tremendous physical pain. After each session it would take up to 36 hours for my vibration to settle down and the pain to abate. However, it works. There is no doubt that without this intercession I would have been confined to a wheelchair by now, which is what was stated by those on the physical as well as Harry.

Researching Brazilian spirit healers

When a medium or psychic claims to be channeling a departed personality, the question arises as to why the spirit does not choose a new human being to manifest through when the original medium dies? That would seem to provide weight to the survival hypothesis as well as ruling out the notion of a multiple personality defect being the cause.

Apparently, it does happen, and one of the oddest examples in modern times concerns "Dr. Fritz, who was supposedly a German doctor who was killed by a grenade explosion in Esto­nia in 1915. Fritz first manifested through a young, uneducated farmer named Arigo in 1947. Arigo started to have seizures, speak German, and write effective prescriptions for ill people. Before he was killed in a traf­fic accident in 1971, Arigo treated many individuals while entranced by Dr. Fritz, and at one time was arrested by the Brazilian police for practicing medicine without a license.

He became famous when author John G. Fuller made him the subject of his book Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife. Interestingly, after Arigo died, Dr. Fritz continued to be channeled by a man named Wilde. After he died, the abilities were passed on to Wilde's brother Edvaldo, and then in 1980 to a gynecologist named Edson Queiroz. Arigo and the two Wilde brothers died in traffic accidents and Dr. Queiroz was stabbed to death by a staff member.

The current (and fifth) recipient is a young computer engineer, Rubens Faria, who lives in Rio de Janeiro and has admitted to a degree of depression and trepidation over his predicted death, somewhere in the year 2000. There is even a sixth man who also claims to channel Dr. Fritz, and his name is Mauricio Magalhaes.

The author, Japanese journalist Maseo Maki, traveled to Brazil in May 1996 to investigate for himself the claims of miracle cures. He came away awed and impressed. He even submit­ted himself to treatment for shoulder problems, although he initially shied away, worrying about picking up the HIV virus.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., contributes the foreword. He met Maki at an inter­national transpersonal psychology conference and says he regrets so little medical research has been done on the phenomenon of Brazilian trance-healing.

On his return trip to Brazil in No­vember, Maki took along Kaori, a long­time friend. She was highly skeptical and thought it would be a good op­portunity to debunk a hoax. Maki was prepared to look at all options and quotes Brazilian psychologist Dr. Gilda Moura as saying:

"One of the basic questions is the difference between mediumship and multiple personalities. In other words, in the manifestations of dif­ferent personalities, one of the princi­pal factors is control. The medium has control in these manifestations. He is not absorbed by this influence or by the archetypal images or by another's access to another level of reality or information. He has the control to enter or leave. This is the big difference between a schizo­phrenic and a mystic."

The once skeptical Kaori, making repeated visits to Fritz/Rubens, be­came more convinced than her friend Maki.  One of the first things to be noted by a stranger is that Fritz/Rubens works incredibly fast. The ghostly doctor says that he sees colors rather than organs and is actually treating the astral body first. He says he operates on the quantum levee manipulating fre­quency fields.

Spiritism in Brazil is widespread, of course, making it fertile ground for those who would exploit the sick. However, anyone doing so may be creating bad karma for future lives. Dr. Paulo Cesar Fructuoso, a surgeon and spiritist, believes all mediums have most likely committed great sins in past lives and are atoning for them in the present. Rubens feels that this may be the case with Dr. Fritz. (Please see below)

Maki remains doubtful but says that even if eventually it all proves to be fraudulent, it was still worth examining, and if true who knows what else may happen? He brings a necessary light touch to such a serious subject while still examining all aspects rigorously. Easy to read and fascinating in-depth coverage of a controversial topic.

W. Ritchie Benedict The reviewer lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

It is a recognised fact that most healers and channelers have worked in this way in one lifetime after another. Many remember their past lives. Although in some cases they may well be ‘paying back’ bad karma, it is far more likely that they return to work for the good of mankind. Unfortunately, some healers and psychics will literally allow their powers to’ go to their head’ and when ego comes before the need to help mankind, trouble will surely follow.

The Russian healer, psychic & ‘mystic’, Grigory Rasputin is a case in point. He was renowned for his healing abilities and revered by many, including the Russian Tsarina Alexandra. It was Rasputin’s influence on her, in his continuous ‘healing’ of her son Alexei, a haemophiliac and heir to the throne, which contributed to the eventual assassination of the entire Russian royal family at Yekaterinburg in July 1918.

Whilst Rasputin’s talents cannot be disputed, power and his influence on the royal family, literally went to his head. He became dissolute and a drunkard whose ealier wisdom & healing powers were ravaged through mis-use. He too was killed in 1918 by members of the royal family, led by Prince Yusopov to rid the aristocracy of his bad influence.


Transcriptions of Psychic Surgery sessions: