Edgar CayceEdgar Cayce- Born 1877-Passed to spirit 1945

Edgar Cayce was born on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, U.S. in 1877 and passed over to Spirit in 1945. He showed his psychic powers whilst still a boy. He became the most documented psychic of all time. His powers included healing, first of himself and then others. He was privileged to be able to access the Akashic Records and give life readings in which he channelled information for the person who had requested help, whether it be health reasons or for personal/karmic problems. The scope of his range expanded over the years to include meditation, dreams, reincarnation and prophecy.

The original readings/transcripts are housed at the Virginia Beach headquarters of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E.) that Cayce founded in 1931.

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Edgar first began channelling with us in 1994. This was with the intention of working for many years on a substantial project, which included Lemuria, Atlantis, Crystals, Karma, Reincarnation etc. from the beginning of time right up to the present. A Life Chart was begun showing how a certain group of 32 individuals reincarnated from the time of Atlantis to the present day. Unfortunately this work had to be abandoned, mainly due to an unexpected car accident which made it impossible for the main trance channeller to work on a regular basis. Cayce’s last channelling was given to us on 4th April 2001.

Edgar Cayce has been working for many years during his time in Spirit with other groups on the physical, not least of which the A.R.E. which his grandson is President. In one of his many prophecies he foretold his own rebirth in 1998. I asked him about this on one occasion and his reply was that 'events in spirit had meant his re-birth had to be postponed.' This event is scheduled for the year 2003.

During the many channellings over the years, we refer to the entities that we channel by the name they give us or would be known to us. Some may not have been known to us on a personal level in recent lifetimes. However, in some of Cayce’s previous lifetimes, both my daughter and I have known him. Cayce drew our attention to the fact that in his lifetime in Egypt, Elizabeth was a priestess in the temple who worked as a psychic/crystal healer. Elizabeth works in the same Trance State when channelling information as Cayce did. We are told that the decision to work with spirit in the way that we do was made before we re-incarnated. It was always intended that we work together in specific areas. I had no previous knowledge of psychic work, but had worked as both a healer and a facilitator. My work therefore, in this lifetime, was to be rather as a facilitator than a healer, and this still predominates.

Harry EdwardsHarry Edwards- Born 1893-passed to spirit 1976

Harry Edwards was the foremost healer in the UK from the 1940s until his death in 1976. Although he came late to healing, he literally healed thousands, and demonstrated his Healership in large venues such as the Albert Hall, London, where he gave contact healing. He received thousands of requests for absent healing, which led to the birth of the ‘Healing Minute’. This is still recognised today. Healers unite to give healing to the many that cannot attend for contact healing at 10pm each evening.

He founded the Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary at Shere, Surrey, in 1946. Harry Edwards was also a founder member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in 1954. He held the first membership card No.1 which he carried with him during healing demonstrations. He came up against much opposition from the medical fraternity during his lifetime. Spiritual healing was not recognised by the BMA until the year after he had passed over. He continues to work in spirit, through those who run the Healing Sanctuary at Shere as well as other healers on the physical. It is important to state that Harry is not a guide to any individual on the physical. He is what may be perceived as a Director of Healing for those in Spirit. Many teams work under his guidance.

He began working with us as a direct result of on-going trance channel work with Edgar Cayce, which was being collated for Mankind. My main guide John, who is well known to both Edgar and Harry, requested that Harry, using my daughter as a channel, try psychic surgery on my badly deteriorating spine. No help on the physical was possible, an operation on that level had been ruled out due to the severity of the problem and low expectation of success. It was almost certain that I would have been in a wheelchair for the rest of my life had I taken that road. As far as those in spirit were concerned, it was paramount for my health to remain as good as possible, to continue the work with Cayce, as well as giving healing to others.

This was how my daughter, became the first person with whom Harry worked in a psychic surgery situation. It was a time of ‘experimentation’ for those in Spirit, for me and for Elizabeth. Although she was a natural trance channel, she had no previous knowledge of medical matters or psychic surgery. Although I had complete faith in who was working on me, in the early days, I was much in awe of Harry. The psychic surgery is performed entirely on the auric layers. Some of the actual surgery was a First for Mankind. Please see new section under Psychic Surgery 1995.

This has been edited and placed on the website for the first time in 2003.

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When he was on the physical Harry did not give much credence to Psychic Surgery-he believed many to be working in this way for the wrong reasons and often doubted their authenticity. Of course, as he’s stated himself, he now has reason to see things from the ‘other side’ in more ways than one. It should be noted that he still does not agree with the way some psychic surgeons work.

When Harry Edwards was on the physical, he was well aware of spirit doctors and his own guides who he maintained worked through him. He believed that the spirit entities of Lord Lister (the founder of antiseptic surgery) and Louis Pasteur (the famous French scientist) were his guides. This has been confirmed. To this day they continue to work with him in the field of experimentation. Harry often refers to them and their ‘laboratory’. Usually one of them is present during psychic surgery. It is they who are involved in the making of etheric substances and vibrational replacement 'parts' used in psychic surgery.

Many, who were specialists in their own field or doctors when on the physical, also form part of his healing teams in spirit. When working in trance, he often refers to them, asking their advice, conferring and usually getting his own way. There is no mistaking that he is the one in charge. His main work on a psychic level is on spines and joints such as hips, knees, ankles etc. However, he also prepares the etheric field for other surgery, and then hands the job over to a specialist to complete. A specialist trained in a particular problem area, such as throat, eyes etc. He remains very committed to helping those with cancer.

We believe he must be one of the busiest entities in Spirit. Healing sessions are a mixture of the serious and informative –questions are encouraged and if in his domain to answer they will be fully answered. Much good humour and laughter is shared. This raises the vibrations not only of those working, but the vibrations in a room.

The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary

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