Kirlian Photography and Auric Fields

Everything and everyone has an auric field. These can often be seen by those who are clairvoyant. Most of us are not aware of the auric field, which is egg shaped on a human being, wider at the top than at the bottom. Perhaps a case of what you can’t see, touch or feel can’t be proved!

In 1939 a Russian electrician, Semyon Kirlian was called to a university hospital to repair an instrument used in electro-therapy. He saw that when the patient received treatment with the machine, there was a small flash of light between the electrodes. When he tried to take photographs of this phenomenon he found it was possible only by inserting a plate directly between the ‘spark’ and his hand. When it was developed, his photograph produced a glowing image of his outstretched fingers. Kirlian built his own machine to generate high frequency electrical fields with an oscillation of two hundred thousand sparks per second between two electrodes. Although inert objects showed no image, every living thing he experimented with showed its own aura. Kirlian said ‘In living things, we see signals of the inner state of the organism reflected in the brightness, dimness and colour of the flares. The inner life activities of the human being are written in these ‘light’ hieroglyphs.’

For the next twenty-five years Kirlian, with his wife tried to perfect their apparatus. Many famous people from electronics experts to physicians and government ministers witnessed the results and were impressed. However, nothing happened until 1966 when suddenly Kirlian’s work came into its own. A laboratory with all the latest equipment was set up along with research projects.

Since then the use of Kirlian photography has become universally known and continued to be developed. The auric fields can now be proved to be there...they can be seen. It is rather like the effect of electrostatic from carpets and cars etc. few of us have seen it, but in certain conditions we feel it. In Kirlian photography when the film is developed, an aura like a halo can be seen around the object or person. Although the results are real, the processes are still not fully understood. These photographs can show several factors such as stress, ill health in living organisms, and the state of your soul. It is analogous to Spiritual Healing which can also be felt but not seen.

The first time I ‘saw’ an aura with my own eyes it took me by surprise. I was in the garden, totally relaxed, having abandoned the book I was reading just to soak up the welcome warmth of the sun. After a while I removed my sunglasses and focused on a rose arch. I saw briefly, to my amazement, auras around the roses and leaves pulsating or shimmering very quickly. I thought I must have imagined it as it all happened so quickly-perhaps my own doubt made the aura disappear! However, that brief glimpse got me intrigued though it was to be a while before I discovered more about this fascinating subject. I have, on occasion, seen an aura around a person’s head.

Kirlian photography - showing energy coming from Joy's right hand
Kirlian photography - showing energy coming from Joy's right hand

Even inanimate objects have an aura although as Kirlian discovered they will not show up in photography. Our most personal possessions, our favourite things, all ‘inanimate’ items which we handle all the time, will be imbued with our own energy. If we could see these objects through Kirlian photography we would be in for some surprises. They ‘hold’ all our experiences of sadness and joy, the quality of our soul as well as energy depicting ill health or good health.

My first experience of Kirlian photography was whilst visiting an exhibition for spiritual and psychic awareness. A man was using a Polaroid camera to develop film along with the special equipment necessary for Kirlian photography. For a rather large fee he had me splay the fingers of my right hand on what looked like an inverted iron plate. I felt nothing and it took no time at all. Soon I was in possession of a black and white photograph, which showed the energy field around the fingertips.

A notice board displayed several photographs to one side and beneath each one was a description of the auric field of the hand of a person. One showed someone who had little or no energy and was probably ill, according to the description. Another that of someone very creative. Another the auric field of a healer. This was the most pronounced with a dazzle of white energy coming from the tips of the fingers. (See Kirlian black/white Photo)

When my photograph was developed the man (who had never met me before) was surprised to see the aura around my fingers larger and brighter than the one he had on display for the healer. I told him I was a healer and had been giving healing only an hour or so before. So I guess the energy was still very much in evidence. The pads of a healers fingertips become quite swollen during healing. This effect can last for some time. With the black and white photograph came a very accurate print-out describing my personality and spiritual path.

In April 2,000 I attended a similar event and came across a couple who were using similar, but much more advanced equipment. This time I was covered in a black cape so that only my face showed. Both hands were placed on the electrodes and as I watched a screen in front of me, colours flitted in and out, merging on a monitor. It looked similar to that which would record a heart beat machine but displayed different colours. Once I became more centred by breathing gently, it levelled out sufficiently for the photograph to be taken.

Auric photo surrounding Joy
Auric field surrounding Joy

I’d just been through a difficult month physically, having been suffering from a throat infection and also had many disturbances within my home due to workmen. I voiced my concerns, as I doubted that I should be having the photograph taken at all. The lady who was working with her husband said the photograph was not to show the state of health, but the state of ones soul!

In less than two minutes a Polaroid film of the ‘state of my soul’ was to hand along with a 3 page print off describing the colours. Frankly, although the summing up of my occupation as Teacher/Healer was correct, I wasn’t impressed by the print-off, which seemed to be fairly standard. (I read three others of people attending, and the print-off was similar, except they were not described as potential healers.) Neither did the print-off give a full description of all the colours, but concentrated on the red/gold/orange/yellow and greens. According to the print-out, the colours of red/yellows on my right hand side indicated the energy I was giving out. The green was the healing I was bringing into my aura. Of course, it is well known that lilacs and blues are an indication of spirituality. There was no reference to them.

What stunned the man operating the camera when he ran off my photograph, was the blue and white over my crown chakra. He said he’d only seen one like it before. They thought the explanation was the result of two auras (See Multi-colour Auric Photo) one being that of my guide. As I wasn’t aware of my guide’s presence I had no explanation either, but was stunned by the beauty of the colours which surrounded me. However, the main point of interest was the white light above my crown chakra. This was what they’d only seen once before.

Once home I did some channelling and discovered this showed my link to The Source with whom I work directly when my guide is not around. I felt very humble and joyful on being given this confirmation. On the same day my daughter, an extremely good psychic healer, had been handling crystals and been in stimulating conversation with people of like mind. When her auric photograph was developed she was enveloped almost totally in orange/red/gold/yellow and we realised this was probably to do with the energy from the crystals. See photo (orange/golds)

Auric photo showing orange/golds of psychic/crystal healer
Auric photo showing orange/golds of psychic/crystal healer

It should be noted, that at the time of death, the energy (which is what we are) seen in the auric field, rises up through the crown chakra as we pass from the physical to the spirit world. The energy does not alter as we make our transition between life on the physical and life in Spirit. As this is what we truly are, our spirit/soul is just the same after death as prior to death.

Just as the special technique used by Kirlian photography enables us to see our own aura, so those already in Spirit sense/see our aura and know when we are in pain, sad or happy, angry or patient. In fact, the quality of our souls.