Healers get asked all sorts of questions. Where ‘it's’ from, how it works, if it can be harmful. The question has also been asked if it works if one is not religious or of a different race and/or religion. These questions never cease to surprise healers. By trying to clarify what healing is, I hope to help those new to healing to allay any fears.

The whole point of healing is to heal not only the physical body, but the mind and spirit/soul of the one seeking healing. This sounds like a big order. The fact is that without change on a spirit/soul level, then a physical healing may take far longer to achieve, have limitations, and may not even take place at all. Unfortunately a lot of sickness begins in the mind. It can also be brought over from past lives as karma. In this type of case it is helpful during healing sessions for a patient to ‘unload’ by talking to the healer about what is causing them anger in their lives.

Diseases usually settle into the etheric body before affecting the physical body. It is therefore important, as soon as an imbalance is felt (feeling out of sorts) that a healer or other alternative practitioner treats the etheric body. Whilst it may not stop the disease, it will lessen the problem and resolve it more quickly.

Healing itself is achieved by a healer channelling energies from the source of the energy. Some people call this the Universal Energy Force. Healers work by being in atunement with that source. In what is known as Spiritual Healing, many healers are aware of their guides or other entities in spirit who are healing through them. For many healers, the knowledge of this ‘extra back-up’ gives them delight on a personal level and clearly, there is an extra boost of energy.

I liken spiritual healing to a radio powered by a battery. The radio (in the case of healing), I perceive as the patient. The radio requires a conduit or battery to receive the World service. The healer provides that conduit to the Source of the healing-which is the Universal Energy Force.

Meditation/stillness is very necessary for healers to achieve atunement and maintain it. Some healers actively pray over a patient. Others play soft, relaxing music in the background and will not wish a patient to talk at all. I have had patients come to me who have already seen another healer who has insisted on music and a prayerful silence. Many patients find this intimidating and annoying. This is not to say that this way of giving healing is wrong. Every healer and patient must find the method of healing which suits them. Often in playing music it denies a patient the opportunity to diffuse emotional problems by not encouraging them to talk.

On a personal level, I find that it is far better to actively encourage patients to talk, particularly at the first session. During this preliminary session the patient and healer establish a close link in the form of trust. This is essential for the healing process. Sometimes, where there is great anger, bitterness and sadness being held within, this first session almost invariably allows the patient to cry-often copiously. This is all part of the healing process, perhaps indeed, the most important part, because this hurt must be dealt with for the soul to heal. Clearly, it is better to have a healing on a one- to- one basis on the first few occasions, rather than being given healing as part of a group level. Healing given by several healers in a group, can be very effective, but it is not conducive to building up the necessary trusting link which patients usually find by seeing one healer.

Just as there are many ways a healer may work to feel comfortable, so will a patient need to find that which feels most comfortable for them. Unfortunately, there can occasionally be a mutual and immediate antipathy where both healer and patient feel no close link. This will cause barriers to be put up on one or both sides and no healing will take place. Although this has never happened to me, I have been told by patients who have sought help from other healers that this is so.

For example, one delightful Jewish gentleman came to me for healing, with excellent results. He’d previously sought healing from a male healer nearer his home town. Sadly, this healer was antagonistic and stated bluntly that he couldn’t help him. This was clearly the healer’s own prejudices being placed before compassion and love. It is easy to excuse such unloving behaviour by saying we are only human with human failings.
Healers must be able to rise above these base emotions. If they cannot do so, then it is better to tell the patient kindly, that they personally don’t feel able to help them-and suggest another healer as an alternative. They should also seriously ask themselves why they are working as a healer. Love, which is the motivator, must always come first.

Some healers may stand behind a seated patient and just gently place their hands on the patient’s shoulders for ten minutes or so. Usually they won’t speak or expect the patient to speak during this time. Other healers will use both hands some 6 inches away from the patient, rarely, if ever touching them. They work not only over the particular area where the patient has a problem, but also over the Solar Plexus area. It is known that to work over this area which is the Power House of the chakras, stimulates the endocrine area, which cleanses the blood, sending fresh supplies to affected areas, thus speeding the process of healing. It is in this way that I personally work, and whilst my hands are doing the work, I encourage patients to talk if they wish, or rest quietly. Occasionally they may go to sleep or into stillness.

Some healers find it unnecessary to spend a great deal of time in preparation prior to giving healing. Their atunement is so finely honed that it is literally like a tap being turned on-just the thought of giving healing, or hearing that someone is ill and they will feel their hands energised. Fortunately for me, I come into this category, but it can happen in very inconvenient circumstances and places! I am thinking in particular of meeting people on holiday who have succumbed to illness or an accident and need healing.

I am a great believer in laughter during a healing session. Of course there are times, particularly at a first session, or if I sense there is a lot of anger present in the patient, that this would not be appropriate. However, over the years I have found that laughter breaks down any barriers a patient may have and there is nothing better for opening the chakras (energy centres) to allow healing to take place. My husband is sometimes in another room and often hears both patient and myself laughing-he comments how good this is to hear. If a patient doesn’t always receive an immediate healing at least they go away feeling happier in themselves. Sometimes patients will wish to continue coming for healing when it is no longer necessary-simply because they know they can talk and laugh during a healing session, which gives them a feel-good factor. I am one of those people who always have a ‘banana skin’ story to relate. Life supplies me with an abundance of strange and often hilarious happenings, I do wonder at times if they are sent to cheer others up!

Is it necessary to have faith? Not at all. I quote the example of giving healing to animals and babies-do they have faith? No…and mostly they do not put up any barriers, which will bring fear to the healing room. Healing does not take account of religion or race. We were all created with a connection to The Source, which is all that matters. Some religions are actively against healing. This is because they do not understand it. For many years I had a Priest come to me for healing with wonderful results. When I first met him, he was almost 80 years old and no longer able to kneel. This vexed him dreadfully and I offered to give him healing. He was able to kneel from that first time right up to the last month of his life, which was some 5 years later. Not only that, but he once again took to ‘crabbing’ on the seashore, long walks and gardening. He remarked often, that if priests were able to do in churches what healers are able to do, then the churches would be full.

Christ's breach of the Sabbath in healing instead of attending the temple, showed that the higher, moral law of love supercedes the lower law of literal and ceremonial obedience.

What will a patient feel? Sometimes absolutely nothing. Most people however, will feel not only relaxed mentally and physically but also sense the healing energy. This can take the form of heat or cold, tingling, tickling. Many patients feel a ‘pulling’ sensation. Sometimes the healing can accentuate the pain for a short time, particularly where nerve endings are concerned.

Occasionally one treatment is sufficient, but usually healing takes place over a period of time. In particular, patients with cancer will need to see a healer not only throughout chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, but also for a long time after, to stabilize their energy field. It is important to state that even in the case of a terminal illness, healing is of great benefit. It is just as important to state that healing can never do any harm-in fact, quite the reverse.

Healers should never tell patients to stop taking medication when prescribed by more orthodox methods such as from their doctors or when receiving hospital treatment etc. Although healing has no harmful side effects, some chemical substances, as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy do carry some extreme side effects. Healing however, is not a substitute for orthodox medicine; it should be complimentary to it. Many healers visit patients in hospitals and openly give healing. Although some doctors and nurses are quite happy about this, there can be opposition. In fact, it is not necessary to make any overt healing actions. A patient will receive healing from simply holding their hand and being within the auric field of the healer.

Crystal Healers

This is a specialised field and a patient needs to be sure that a crystal healer really knows their subject. Certain crystals can be harmful. Certain crystals-particularly quartz crystal, which is the most used of all crystals, can actually multiply cancer cells. Healers working with crystals usually have their patients lying on a couch and place different crystals over corresponding chakras. (See Usage of Crystals)

Absent or Distant Healing

Many healers give absent or distant healing to patients. Sometimes it is difficult for a patient to travel to see a healer. Relatives and friends often ask for absent healing to be given to their loved ones who perhaps are afraid of seeing a healer. I personally do not see any reason why absent healing should not be administered, even to those who do not believe in it. If they truly do not want to receive the healing energies, their own soul will put up barriers and make the healing ineffective. However, where a patient known to the healer is unable to visit, or be visited, and there is some emergency, it has been proved that absent healing works very well.

As an example, I arranged with one such patient to send her healing at 4.00pm. I knew that she’d be laying down on her bed and ready for the appointed time and I similarly prepared myself by going into stillness about 10 minutes before. What I didn’t know was that my healing room clock was 5 minutes fast, so I unwittingly began ahead of the patient.

She, unaware I was already sending out healing thoughts, was walking across the room carrying a newly filled hot water bottle, when suddenly a great force of energy made her reel and almost fall to the ground. She got into bed quickly somewhat shocked. As planned, she rang me some 2hrs later. When we spoke, I apologised to her that my clock was fast and therefore I had begun rather early. She described what had happened. This type of incident has happened many times. When I travel abroad and there is, say, a considerable time difference, sending absent healing to patients has been known to wake them up precisely at the time. Healing knows no barriers of time or distance. It is also clear, as absent healing works so well, that I am just a conduit for the healing. It is those in spirit who work with healers and who also use the Universal Energy Force who heal those at distance, when the healer brings to their attention the needs of a sick person.

This is a very specialised field of healing. There are very few healers that are able to work in this way. Dynamic healers are able to channel vast amounts of Universal Energy from the Source. They are also able to work on a group of patients by extending their own auric field to encompass many-even at a great distance. This can and does produce in the patients various physical manifestations. Their bodies are manipulated by the energy into strange and distorted shapes to regulate or allow the body to heal itself. I have never seen or heard of any patient hurting themselves whilst participating in this form of healing. It is an amazing thing to behold and a joy to be a participant.

There are many diseases, malformations of the body etc., which are of a karmic nature. This is a means of ‘paying back’, not necessarily in kind, for wrong-doings in previous incarnations.

It is one of the Laws of the Universe-Cause and Effect. Or, what you sow you reap. This does not necessarily happen in the immediate lifetime following that which one has transgressed the laws. It can be many lifetimes later.

Where an entity has been responsible for the death or suffering of others in many lifetimes, then likewise, that entity will have to repay in many incarnations. They too will have to suffer and experience sudden death. This will not always be a foreshortened life of their own, but perhaps worse, to see their loved ones lose their life in a tragedy. It would also be wrong to assume every physically and mentally impaired person is repaying some karmic debt. Ill health can come from environmental causes, poor nutrition, genetic or DNA source, or simply ‘going into’ the wrong body. This last is perhaps more difficult to understand, but it simply means that the embryo has developed abnormal cells during conception.

This is usually seen to take place where there are a large number of people gathered and a man/woman who see themselves in the light of a guru/healer will ‘heal’ those presence. This is manifested by individuals being touched lightly and falling into a trance- like state to the floor. This is in the form of group hypnosis and rarely has a sustained healing. Such people who work in this way are usually able to draw on a huge amount of odic energy and rely on their own charismatic personalities. This is magnetic healing. Whilst it would be wrong to generalise, I personally would not wish to participate in such healings.

see separate section – Some transcripts of psychic surgery have recently been added to the web site.

This is another ancient Chinese therapy which has been practised for some 3,500 years. Patients are treated by the use of needles, which are stuck gently into their body at particular points. These points lie along invisible energy channels called meridians, which are linked to internal organs. This method releases negative energy by increasing or decreasing the flow of energy through the meridians.

Chinese medicine views the body as a balance between two opposing, yet complimentary natural forces called ‘yin’ (female force) and ‘yang’ (male force). Acupuncturists will ask many questions about your way of life and the physical or stressful problems that you are experiencing. Chinese diagnosis follows an ancient set of rules to select meridian points. Almost any ailment can be treated, but as with any therapy, the length of time treatments are needed depends entirely on the individual and the seriousness of the problem. See chart for chakra and meridian point.

Reflexologists massage what they call reflex areas or pressure points in the feet to treat diseases found in parts of the body. On the soles of the feet there are ‘links’ to each part of the body. Although this cannot be explained scientifically, any more than other alternative practices such as Spiritual Healing and Acupuncture, the fact is massage to these special zones on the feet can cause a patient to jump with shock and feel pain, when the corresponding area in the body is damaged or diseased. The massage is to clear the negative energy and allow it to flow freely. It is believed that the right foot mirrors the right- hand side of the body and the left foot mirrors the left-hand side of the body.

Reflexology, like many other alternative practices originated in China some 5000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians used a form of reflexology, as depicted in a wall painting in a tomb dating 2330 BC at Saqqara, south of Cairo.

An American, Dr William Fitzgerald introduced the therapy to the West in 1913. Reflexology works on the same principals as many other techniques of healing, mainly to rid the body of negative energy and toxins.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life-Force-Energy". The "Ki" part is the same word as Chi or Qi, the Chinese word for the energy which underlies everything. Reiki is a system for channeling that energy to a sick person for the purpose of healing.

Dr. Mikao Usui was a Christian minister in Japan, though Japanese. He was the head of a Christian Boys School in Japan. His students asked him if he believed in the miracles which Jesus did (healing, etc). Being a Christian minister he answered "Yes". They asked if he knew how Jesus had done this, "No" he said. With this he resolved to find the way in which Jesus had healed. This immediately set him on a journey of many years. Studying first at Christian schools in the US, but with no results. In the Christian schools the method was not known.

It was suggested he study Buddhist writings since the Buddha had also healed. This took more years studying at a monastery in the Orient. Nowhere could he find the answers. In Japan he toured many temples asking for knowledge of how the Buddha had healed. At each one the priests said they were more concerned with spiritual than physical well being. In one small monastery he found some ancient Sanskrit writings from India, or Tibet. (Research suggests he found the sutras to invoke the Medicine Buddha, the invoking of this Buddha is a common practice in Tibetan Buddhism) After a few more years of study, he felt he had come to an understanding and that to go further required in- depth meditation. He declared to the monks of this monastery his intention to fast and meditate for 21 days at a nearby mountain and that if he did not come back they should come and get his body.

Many believe that this was practised thousands of years ago by Tibetan Buddhist monks, but for reasons unknown, this knowledge of healing was lost until it was re-discovered by Dr. Usui. He became spontaneously fully attuned-normally the process is gradual. (I personally believe that Dr.Usui was probably already fully conversant with Reiki on a soul level-having practiced it in a previous lifetime.) This appears to follow the pattern of every gift, be it the ability to paint, sing or heal. The soul does not forget and the gift is just ‘rediscovered’ in the next, or another lifetime.

Originally Reiki encompassed at least four healing rays corresponding to the elements-water, earth, fire and air. Today Reiki is seen as the earth element. Students are usually given secret symbols which they ‘attune’ to in order to channel the healing rays.

Dr. Usui passed on his knowledge to a chosen few and they in turn, passed their knowledge on. Much importance is given to ‘who’ your Master or Masters were and if they can be traced back to Dr Usui himself. There are three levels of training in the Reiki system. The first level is to work on yourself and develop self-healing. The second is to work on others, and the third is to become a Master and teach others.

Although I have not personally experienced Reiki, I’m told by a Reiki healer, that the energy is easily experienced, particularly if one is given healing from an ‘attuned’ Reiki practitioner. Whatever the truth and reality of the claims to its history, I believe that the ability to perform Reiki comes from the same source- the Universal Energy Source that is used by Spiritual Healers. Reiki appears to be more ‘hands on’. Many Spiritual Healers do not touch the patient.

These energies are mainly the ability of the healer channelling the Universal Energy Force (from which all healing flows) and the healer also exchanging energies with the patient. It is stated by some that Reiki healing is a full and complete cure or resolution of disease. This is perhaps where it differs from Spiritual Healing. Just as doctors cannot claim complete cures for their patients, Spiritual Healers do not give such an undertaking. Although almost all can be helped significantly, not all can be cured. In Karmic terms, this would be compromising what the individual is intended to suffer.

In the simplest form, the Reiki practitioner places their hands on the recipient with the intent of bringing healing, and willing the energy to flow. This is exactly what a Spiritual Healer does.

In Reiki there is a set of hand positions traditionally taught, which give good coverage over the recipients entire body. It is not necessary to follow those positions, they are merely taught as a starting position from which the practitioner can learn. If there is a specific area of concern the practitioner can keep his/her hands there for as long as necessary

Healing, in all forms –is intended to touch the soul, returning a patient to a state of alignment with the Higher Self which connects directly to the soul.

To the world of spirit there is no such thing as time or space. This has been stated by me in other sections. The world we know is only a small fragment of all that exists. This small fragment is that which our physical bodies can detect and transmit or describe to our consciousness.

Since there is no time and space to limit spirit, Reiki can operate without regard to limitations of space. A level II Reiki practitioner can bring healing to a recipient regardless of distance. Again, I must compare this to a Spiritual Healer practising Absent/Distant Healing, when it is impossible to see the patient personally. A Spiritual Healer naturally practices absent healing-whatever the level of experience. The level the healer is attuned to, depends mainly upon his/her soul evolvement. However, no one can underestimate the importance of meditation. Healers should spend much time on their own self-development to make themselves as clear a channel as possible.

Where Reiki practitioners set high store upon examinations, a Spiritual Healer does not limit their healing abilities to theoretical or physical examinations. Many healers are not interested in taking exams, or joining any particular branch of healing. They just ‘get on with it’ in their own homes. One has to ask did Harry Edwards, the greatest healer the U.K. has ever known take any examinations? Did Jose Arigo, the Brazilian psychic healer/surgeon take examinations-No! Arigo was a peasant, unlearned in any way. Yet amazing miracles, witnessed by many people were performed-usually with a rusty knife! Did Christ take examinations? I doubt it. They and countless others have brought about true miracles of healing. Many healers are simple people, often from lowly backgrounds, with no academic leanings, no orthodox study and no training. Many do not even want to be a healer, but find they are unable to escape their ‘destiny’. I have to state that I believe a healer is born-not made. Harry Edwards himself stated ‘show me a healer and I will show you someone who has been through life’s furnace.’

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (which Harry Edwards himself formed) has in the past few years set down rules which enforces the healer to serve not only the stipulated 2 year probation period, but attend courses (at their own expense-which in itself limits those wishing to attain full Healership status, to those able to afford to attend these courses.) After this period of time they appear before a selection panel that reviews the probationary period, and decides upon the candidate’s suitability to heal.

When I became a member of the N.F.S.H. the 2 year probation period was sometimes waived (it was for me) if you could prove you had been actively healing for some time .The other pre-requisite was to submit the names of 5 patients who were willing to testify that they had been substantially improved or fully cured.

Whilst I understand the necessity to prove Healership if you belong to an organisation, and show that one is motivated for the right reasons, clearly examinations and strictures such as these will turn away many natural healers. Examinations give healing a status it does not require. Also healing courses can become mind-orientated rather than with the spiritual aspect-which should predominate. Being a healer is not the result of what you know (knowledge can be attained by anyone from books) it is an expression or statement of what you are-what motivates you. Spiritual awareness cannot be quantified by forcing a healer to take an examination.

In both Reiki and Spiritual Healing, some healers are able to channel the healing energies faster and with more effect than others. That stated, I cannot help feeling very wary of any healing practices where practitioners are referred to as a Master, Guru or whatever. This is bringing a healer’s ego to the forefront, instead of the patient’s well-being. It also smacks of pretention which is the last thing one needs in a healing situation.

For all healers- it is not necessary to confine healing to a particular room, place or time. It is not necessary to have crystals, music, or even prayerful silence. Remember that laughter raises the vibrations of both healer and patient. Laughter breaks through stress, fear and anger.

All that is truly needed is a state of atunement, commitment, and an unending well of love within the healer’s soul.

It is worth mentioning that when a healer is linked karmically with someone who needs healing, then the healing is almost super-charged. If two healers give each other healing a dramatic energy and healing usually takes place.