All souls above a certain level have one or more guides.  Basically, the more evolved the soul, the more work for mankind’s sake, the more guides that soul will have to help him/her in work on the physical. Only by working for the good of others will a soul find a true connection with the Source.

Guides help each individual, whatever the level they are on, to fulfil their destiny.  The evolvement of the soul determines the guides and Soul Guardian each person will have during their physical life and during the time in spirit spent between lifetimes. One of the great laws of the Universe is LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.  Therefore your guides will reflect your own soul’s worth.

Guides at the highest level will work not only with one particular individual, but groups of souls in spirit as well as on Earth. Therefore, many individuals can ‘share’ the same guide or guides.

Everyone has a Soul Guardian. A Soul Guardian is not allocated to us for physical protection as many people think. A Soul Guardian is specifically to watch over our soul’s progress.  This is necessary for each individual so that note can be taken for karmic reasons of all we do. All is noted, what we think, say or do. This is entered in the Akashic Records for all time. It is only when an entity reaches the highest level of evolvement that it is considered unnecessary to have a Soul Guardian.  A Soul Guardian is allocated to one individual only at any given time. Soul Guardians, as well as guides, will change according to personal evolvement.

Everyone has a Group Control Guide, a Soul Guardian or Guardian Angel, and other Guides; some people can have six or more.  There are also Warring Guides (against evil) who help all souls in spirit.

Clairvoyants may actually see their guides, whilst sensitives will feel their presence through their vibrations. On the higher levels, telepathy (thought process) is the means of communication between guides and individuals on the physical.  A great deal of information can be channelled effectively in this way.  Trance mediums are able to communicate vast amounts of information via a channel or guide, as the knowledge is not coming from them, but from their guide or helper.

Some guides are known by a name or names according to who is channelling. Although names are not necessary, (they are not used in spirit), where a strong karmic link unites the guide and channeller, then the latter will be more comfortable in having a name to call his/her guide. The name is often connected to a past life they have shared. The relationship may have been familial, or that of a Soul mate or Twinned soul or a mixture of these.

Guides are able to use telepathy to help us solve problems.  They tune in to our thoughts and are there to comfort us by their presence when we are in need. Guides encourage and instil courage as well as teaching us. However they do not always come when called! They wish us to use our own intuition.  We should not rely on our guides to make decisions for us on the physical. This is abdicating our own responsibility and Free Will. Guides are limited in how much they can assist us in our life’s progress.  Until we pick up the baton and show we are ready to make changes, to take advantage of opportunities when they are presented, then they may well absent themselves.

Our relationships with our guides can be seen as teacher/student. No one knows it all. We continue learning and making mistakes even at the highest level. For instance, guides on the lower levels in spirit have their own guides. On the highest level, these evolved souls who no longer need guides are there to help each other.  Life on both sides is a continuous learning process.

Our guides feel sorrow for us when they see us make a mess of our lives, or similarly see us hurt emotionally, by others on the physical. If we are aware of our guides then we will also be aware of the strength of their comfort at such times.

All the major religions have used prophets or masters, who have at some time lived on Earth, to help connect us to what we perceive as our God/Creator. Many of these highly evolved souls, once returned to spirit, become guides to those on the physical.  They can be guides to many individuals.

In Spirit, guides can be perceived by their light and colour, according to their own evolvement. For just as there are different spiritual/awareness levels, each level has guides to teach/instruct.  The lower levels may be perceived to each other as a rather murky yellow.  There are shades of red and blue with the paler blue developing to a darker intense blue as the guide evolves. The darker intense blue, which is usually seen with an aura of bright White Light above the Crown, denotes the higher planes of intelligence and soul evolvement. There is also a colour purple/black, which is the highest in the spectrum. With the White Light, this is the colour of those perceived as Masters

According to the soul development or sphere, the colour of the guide will change slowly and be seen by entities in spirit on the same level. In other words those on a lower level would not see the guides on a higher plane.  However, they would be aware of and in awe of the force of their Vibration.

Saturday 21st October, 1995

Subject discussed. - Guides.

A friend, who was attending a psychic healing session, asked Harry if we all have guides.

Harry.  Yes of course. Though those working in this way are not necessarily guides. We would suggest, as Joy is aware, you have guides akin to your own level of evolvement. Some people may have higher, and some people may have lower entities for certain jobs also.

The questions below were channelled with the entity John in 1994. They were asked for the knowledge of mankind.

Joy:    Do we always have the same Spirit Guides?

John:  No, they change as you evolve.

Joy: Do those in Spirit see us or do they sense us as well as our moods?

John: We cannot see as you do on the physical. We ‘sense’ an individual's vibrations. In the same way do we ‘hear’ by sensing the thought or thoughts of those individuals through telecommunication.

Joy. Can we 'on Earth' access the ’Akashic Records?

John:  No, only through trance channelling through Spirit. In fact this is rare. Any entity with the talent to access information from the Source must have integrity. Entities such as the one known to you as Edgar (Cayce) are a case in point.

Joy: Does everyone Astral travel in sleep?

John: Yes, but not all the time. Usually when in atunement. 

Joy: Can we choose not to re-incarnate?

John: No...not if we have karmic debts to repay. A time to be re-born is the choice of the individual soul, but the decision as to whether the soul can ‘opt out’ is not of the soul’s choosing.

Joy: Are we judged when we pass over?

John: There is a kind of 'panel' for want of a better description, of high souls/masters who 'show' you your life when you pass over. (rather like a cine film). They do not judge you.  You must judge yourself. However they TELL you why you have to reincarnate. From this, a soul chooses the next incarnation which will best help it evolve. This may be soon or not for many generations.

Joy: Do some highly evolved souls who may have no karmic debt, decide to reincarnate to help humankind?

John: Yes, like the one known to mankind as Christ. There are many other Spiritual Teachers. They come not for their own souls’ sake but for the evolvement of mankind.

Joy: How many vibrational levels must be achieved before reincarnation is no longer necessary?

John: Seven levels. After this a soul no longer needs to re-incarnate, but may joins his/her soul level as part of group soul. At this level you no longer have a Soul Guardian. At this stage the soul can choose whether to become part of the Godhead, or continue helping as an individual soul in spirit.

Joy:  Do those in Spirit feel anger?

John:  Yes, they also can feel rejection, sorrow and happiness. In fact, all that a soul feels on the physical except physical pain. Pain is experienced only on an emotional level. For example if when one passes over to the spirit world and wishes to remain close to one still on the physical, then the emotions can be transferred from the physical to the one in spirit.  This ‘grieving’ can withhold the development of the soul in spirit.

Joy: Are many situations in which thousands lose their life in natural disasters and war often a result of mass or Group Karma?

John:   Yes. Although many of these souls will wish to be re-born fairly soon, many will also choose to stay in Spirit for a long time. Much learning takes place in spirit.

Joy: Can Spirit put thoughts into our heads to alter a decision without us knowing, as this has often appeared to happen to me?

John:  Yes!  So can a Lower Entity if one is displaying fear or is operating on low vibrations. Why do you think there is so much crime on the physical?  Lower entities cannot harm you as such-though they can cause havoc with someone who has those lower qualities to which they are attracted such as greed, selfishness and fear.    You should always protect yourself from these lower entity or mischief-makers with thoughts of love and light and ask only for those guides of the highest evolvement to draw close.  In the case of any problem ask the mischief-maker to depart in love. If you use anger they can cause even more mischief as this is what they hoped to achieve. BE PROTECTED. BE SERENE AND FEEL LOVE SURROUND THE WHOLE AREA YOU ARE IN.

Joy:    Has everyone got a twin soul?

John:  Yes

Joy:  Continuing the subject of twinned souls...are twins on the physical twinned souls?

John: Yes...always.

Joy:  Does it make any difference whether they are identical twins?

John: This is just a biological/genetic causation of the physical. Whether identical or not they are always twinned souls.

Joy: What about quads? Are they two lots of twinned souls re-incarnating?

John:   No...never, though they may have known each other in previous incarnations, they are not twinned.  Multiple births or souls incarnating on the physical in such a way, is what you may call 'a freak of nature'.

Joy: In the present time (1994) there appears to be a population explosion.  Even people esoterically aware wonder where all these souls have come from. I have been asked if there are new souls being 'made?

John:  The answer is no. There are just as many souls either in spirit or human form as there were at the beginning of time.  What has happened is that resources are keeping people on Earth alive to a greater age. Medicine, better food and living conditions, at least in the Western World.    Many in Spirit are choosing to reincarnate quickly to evolve, possibly because those on the higher levels are aware, in some circumstances, of what is to happen karmically on a Global Level.

Thousands of 'old' souls who have been in Spirit for some time are re-grouping and reincarnating. If you think about the lost civilisations such as Lemurian/Atlantis/ Mayan etc. all these souls returned to Spirit and most would eventually be re-born. In any holocaust the same thing happens, whether it be through natural causes or man-made as in the Bosnian situation which was mentioned by you recently.   All souls were once Lemurian.  You should also understand that many souls have never lived on Earth, but live on other planets.