The above is the title of one of Carl Jung’s books and describes fairly accurately some of the content of this section. However, it cannot reflect the diversity of one person’s experiences. Nor can it explain how people are altered or touched significantly by the power of THOUGHT given through those in spirit who unseen, often guide the actions of ourselves and others. To watch another person change direction, by an invisible force or thought is an amazing experience. It is a very difficult concept to explain to the uninitiated too.

Whilst all the experiences are now memories, they were noted by hand immediately after they happened and committed to the computer later. After all, time can alter memories. Reflecting on the experiences amazes me just as much now as it did then. Most of these experiences happened over a 20 year span-and continue to occur. I no longer believe in coincidence.

Many years ago I was involved in three very different cases of exorcism. Although they would make fascinating reading, I decided not to include them on the website, mainly because of the content and the fact that the people who were 'possessed' have a right to their privacy. For this reason also, I have changed the names of people where it is necessary.

Cellular Memory is not one of my own experiences. I wanted to place this story on the website because it is such an amazing and thought provoking story.

At various times I have referred to the light which I recognise in another's eyes. This does not necessarily mean the conventional view of beautiful eyes. It is something indefinable, a quality of the soul which shines through. An 'otherworldly' look. It is a luminous quality which the spirit and soul of the entity, however ill or old, carries with them. It is a sign of evolvement.

Frequently when I have seen this light I know, without being told, that this person is likely to be on their last lifetime. It is interesting to note that when such a meeting has taken place, the subject is often raised by those in spirit during a channelling session. I am asked directly if I 'recognised' the entity when I looked into their eyes.

I am an ordinary person who has had some wonderful experiences as well as a privileged life working for those in spirit and mankind. I came from a very ordinary background with no history of psychic or healing powers. Whilst my father avidly read books on psychic phenomenon and healing, my mother was very disapproving of his interest in this. (I well remember books being hidden quickly under cushions in case a visitor or the minister called!) However, it was my mother, not my father, who put the teachings into action, helping others, giving love, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness and compassion to all.

Psychic powers are not a necessary attribute for the evolution of the soul. Love must always be the motivating force of any individual or any country. Without love and tolerance the world cannot evolve.