Changes on Earth
(Channelling from Edgar Cayce December, 1998)

Q: Why is the planet Earth so unsettled? Is it all mankinds’ fault?

A. The One Source and for those on this Earth plane to realise their purpose, and live in harmony within its vibration. Harmony was the key in the beginning. The ley lines are attuned to the earth itself. When those on the physical are discontented they become disconnected with The Source. They forget WHO THEY ARE and why they are here.

We are seeing a repeat of this planet’s problems. The earth is unsettled, climatic changes have already begun with the warming up of the planet and resulting volcanic activity, earthquakes, violent storms, hurricanes, all are quickening at a frightening pace. Whilst this is a part of the nature of the earth, mankind has not helped. People do not and will not take responsibility for their part of the earth’s destruction. Until they do, major disturbances in many countries will continue. Major problems are to be expected in Japan and the Caribbean, as well as many other countries to a greater or lesser degree.

In view of the above statement, I asked Cayce a question concerning the Mayan civilisation having read a great deal about it and visited the areas around Tulum and Chichen Itza, Mexico. I knew that they made many predictions regarding climatic and earth changes and given actual dates. Whilst the Mayans were a highly intelligent race, despite the cruel games and sacrifices, they were a very spiritual peoples. They were also astronomers, as can be seen from the ancient and intricate calendars. They were so accurate that in every 500 years they were only 3 and a half-hours out. This was adjusted. They found certain energies which came from their knowledge of the constellations and these were used for their sacred ceremonies.

It is said that all their prophecies have come true, though one does need to be aware that their reading of certain things, such as the end of the world, does not necessarily mean that, but the end of a cycle of time in which the earth as we know it will alter significantly, which will affect the lives of almost everyone on this planet. The year they particularly specify as being the most important and end of the period of time as we now know it is YEAR 2012. This is the end of what they call the long count of 5,200 years.

They foretell that many sicknesses will come that will be uncontrollable and cannot be blamed on animals or birds.

They have also given these other dates.

In 2005 and 2008, life will be in agony.

In 2010, you will see that all the dead cannot be buried

In the year 2012 the sun will darken for 60-70 hours

A. Whilst we agree. There have been many, over thousands of years and cultures who have predicted these things. They differ in the time scale because they were working with the information that they had which was accurate in that moment of time. Free Will makes all things changeable. What is certain is the inevitability of what will happen! We are responsible for being able to maintain stability, although the tectonic plates will always be shifting. It's important to make the point there that there is a change in the energy level in the solar system. Between the moon, the earth and the sun. The pyramidal triangle and connection between these three is altering too. But what is important to state is how important it is for people not to just concentrate on themselves and their own spirituality and growth in connection to The One because when we do this, we forget where we are too. It is important that all mankind connects with one another to what it is they have got their feet on! They have to pray and focus their energy for the good of the planet or there will be no planet. If they think of their own growth only whilst here, then what is left for what they stand on? It is our responsibility to help each other because we are all brothers and sisters connected with the One Source and thus we must connect with each other as well as respect and connect with the Earth plane. It was the Earth plane that allowed us from the beginning of time as mankind to develop and have our karma here. Because it took that responsibility having us on the planet, we must be responsible and love it in return. Treating it with respect. Of course ones connection with God is important, but it is no less important than our brother or our sister or our son, or daughter.

Karma cannot develop unless you are affected by another. This is what people forget. They say 'I have worked my karma through' and I am here now because I have worked through my karma....No! You have been through these things because you have been affected and effected by others along the way who have taught you, otherwise you would not be here now.

*Here I quoted from a book I’d read recently ‘The only way to enter the Kingdom of God is by leaning on the arms of those you have helped on Earth’. This seemed to me to sum up Karma and the problems we are finding on this planet.

A. That’s quite true. Although ones own spirituality must come first, without a change in ones attitude to others and to God then one cannot connect with others on the same level. You cannot get there without being affected, by others who make you grow.

* There are many individuals who have a problem using the word God. Many do not believe in the existence of God, and that is their prerogative. It is perhaps easier to think of God as GOOD. The Creator is perhaps a more acceptable term for all belief systems.

Quote -As between the soul and the body there is a bond, so are the body and its environment linked together- Kahlil Gibran

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