Energies -what life is all about

The only real difference between being on the physical and non-physical plane is time. The fact is that we are energy, wherever we are. Only on earth do we measure time. In spirit, a hundred years is as the bible says, ‘like the twinkling of an eye’…really meaningless. This is something we, bound by our human bodies and routines find difficult to comprehend. As mankind has also altered our own time calendars throughout different civilisations we have confused even our own perception of time and with it the many prophecies given to help us.

If we are channellers of knowledge and work with our own personal guides to this end, this measurement of time given by them to us, for certain events can be months or sometimes years out. This can cause doubt in our own minds when certain things have not ‘happened’ at the time we perceive.

We have a constant link with the spiritual and astral plane because our souls never die. Many entities here on the earth plane are able to access their own akashic records through channelling, rather like the seer Edgar Cayce did during his lifetime. He was able, during a trance state to access any patient’s karmic or akashic records to help them with physical ailments and other life problems.  Few are given the ability to trance channel in such a way as Cayce…even less to access the akashic records of other entities. Such a gift carries with it the greatest of responsibilities and the necessity of absolute discretion and integrity…something lacking by many today. Unfortunately there are charlatans in every walk of life and some are involved in what they state is spiritual work when in fact the truth is that often they involve themselves in esoteric work to empower themselves.

The Akashic Records are a comprehensive system of knowledge and experience which encompasses all universes. They are also an accurate account, from the beginning of time, of each individuals lifetimes.  All past deeds, whether good or bad are known and recorded for all time.   When we pass over to the Astral plane, some, but not all of us, are allowed to view their own akashic records. The more evolved the soul, the more likely it is that they can view their akashic records. For the hierarchy, and there is a hierarchy, just as here on the physical, then the akashic records of others can be viewed. This can be compared to a patient going to a hospital and being allowed to see their own hospital records-and sometimes being allowed to see the surgeon’s records too!

On the physical, the less evolved souls are more interested in themselves, sating the dominant needs of life on the physical, be it of a sexual nature, or the need to exert power of others etc.  The higher the evolution of the soul then that soul seeks only the good of others, committing their lives to the needs of others. Not all are able to commit themselves totally in the way Mother Theresa did, but a great many highly evolved souls do manage to give of themselves, their time and their love, even within the strictures of family life and the constraints life on earth places upon us.  I have known many people, some of them healers, who, whilst not saints, have under the greatest of difficulties and personal ill health, devoted their lives to helping others, knowing full well the toll being taken on themselves.

Because we can move between the physical level and spirit level freely, particularly during our sleeping time when we are linked by what is known as the silver cord, -we are able to develop spiritual and psychic links, seeing things ‘on the other side’ which may be closed to us during our waking hours. * (See Astral Travel)

Our body is made up of several layers. The gross physical body which is just a carriage. Then there is the etheric which has seven layers.  It is on these layers which surround the physical that a healer works.  The mental, emotional and physical state of a person affects the etheric layers. Those in spirit do not see our physical body, but sense/see our state of health through the etheric vibration we emit. This is one of the reasons that healing can be so effective in dealing with the breakdown of the physical body. Healing works on the etheric fields as well as the physical body and those in spirit working through a healer can see where the Universal Energy is most needed.

Sometimes the causation of illness is of an emotional nature. Anger, hatred and jealousy can build up tremendous forces of negative energy or dis-ease, and become stuck in the patient’s solar plexus, heart and throat areas until released. Hence the expressions of ‘being gutted’ or ‘having a lump in the throat’, or heartache.  The healer has to remove this negativity  before the real healing of the soul can take place…and lastly healing of the physical body.    A large half geode or cluster of amethyst will help enormously in the removal of negative energies. It is a lot easier to remove the energy from the crystal than the patient, although I’ve sometimes had to cleanse an amethyst up to five times in a strong solution of sea salt water before it can be re-used.

Magnetic healers,  whilst they may or may not use the universal energy, use their own odic* field of energy. These healers have vast amounts of energy and in depleting their own energy field give a quick fix to patients, but it rarely has a lasting effect. This can also have a deleterious effect on cancer patients or those with lymphatic disorders. It behoves the patient to be certain of the healer's credentials. Magnetic healers do not usually work with those in spirit, but with their own energy.

 There are a few rare people who are called dynamic healers. They are not to be confused (but often are) with magnetic healers. These healers have highly evolved souls and are able to channel such vast amounts of universal energy that they do not need to work closely with those in spirit, though some do. They are literally able to work miracles because of their own strong link with The Source and Universal Energy. (See Healing for more information)

*Odic Force
For centuries, man has been aware of a vital energy, visualised as a ‘universal fluid’, that pervades all nature. Objects charged with this fluid can influence each other at a distance. Known as the ‘odic force’, it exhibits many properties similar to electromagnetism, but has other unique properties.  Crystals, for example, can have odic ‘polarity’ without being magnetic. Wth ‘odic forces’, like poles attract –or like attracts like. Odic fields can be conducted through wire, only at low velocities. Experiments have shown that the ‘auric field’ has properties that suggest it to be both particulete in nature-like a fluid, and also energetic like light waves.
Ref:  Hands of Light, Barbara Ann Brennan. Pages 30/31. ISBN 0-553-34539-7    

Vortex or Power spots  (see Vortices on Earth)
Vortices are high energy spots on the Earth. Earth energy is due to the electromagnetic field of our planet earth. NASA research has proved that our own energy field is tuned in to certain ‘Earth Waves’. This oscillates at between 7-8 cycles per second.   In a meditative state, the human brain alters and will also oscillate at the same rate in tune with the Earth energy. To experience this to its optimum one has to practise for some time before becoming ‘attuned’. Some individuals will never achieve this. Spiritual awareness, like Wisdom, is not something that can be taught easily, it has to be reached through living. This ability was once known by all mankind, but has been lost for a long time. It is believed by many, that we entered a more spiritually aware period during the 1960’s, with many individuals becoming more attuned with Earth’s energies and needs and therefore their own energies.

(There are similar energy centres called chakras in the human body) see section on Chakras

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