General Information on crystals

Rock Quartz Crystal from Tulum
Quartz from Tulum, Mexico

Quartz the most important tip is that quartz crystal should never be used on patients suffering with cancer, liver problems or serious blood related problem. Quartz crystal can multiply cells rapidly…think of its usage in watches, computers and machinery. The power of this particular crystal should not be under-estimated and therefore it should be used with care. However, it is the most important crystal for healers as it can be used almost anywhere on the body. It is, however, better to avoid male crystals (these have great clarity) on certain areas of the body, such as near the head. Male crystals should never be placed in an area for sleeping.

Small pieces of quartz can be placed in a glass of water to cleanse and re-energise both water and drinker.

Rutilated quartz is particularly beneficial when used at night, as it clears the throat and sinus areas during sleep. Again those suffering with cancer or blood related illness should not use this quartz.

Within the healing room energies should be balanced with large pieces of rose quartz, amethyst and in large rooms, quartz crystal. You should be guided as to where they are placed. Amethyst is the best crystal to use, as it’s a natural ‘vacuum’ for negative energies. When healing people with M.E. and those who are retaining anger, the amethyst soaks up such negativity like a sponge. In particular, healers working on patients with M.E. and those undergoing chemotherapy, can feel quite sick themselves during the withdrawing of negative energies unless their own solar plexus area is protected. In these cases, a large amethyst (I use a large half geode) can be placed at fairly close proximity to the healer as protection. The amethyst will probably need cleansing in sea salt water several times before being used again. Sea salt is crystalline in structure and draws energies to itself. The amethyst should be checked by dowsing if you have any doubt.

Apart from the obvious healing room, it’s good practise to cleanse every room in the house occasionally, in particular the bedroom. This can be done by using incense, opening a window, and by occasionally placing a large amethyst cluster in the centre of the bed. You are likely to be surprised how much negativity energy the amethyst soaks up.

If sleeping away from home, in hotels etc. this practise is even more important. Before you even think of sleeping in that strange room, light some incense, making sure it is in a ‘safe’ area, preferably away from smoke detectors! Having placed an amethyst cluster on the bed, you can leave the room for a couple of hours knowing when you return, the room should be rid of most of the negative energies of whoever last slept there. I always carry around a few small clusters of amethyst and sea salt to that end. At night when I go to bed I soak the crystals in their own sea salt bath in the hand basin. You really need to think about the problems of sleeping in hotel accommodation deeply. We all do it; we have little option, short of carrying a tent around. None of us have any idea who used that hotel room before. Each person carries their own energy, thoughts and deeds around with them and like fingerprints leave some of those thoughts and energies behind. You should realise that many individuals have dark thoughts and you may well pick these up unconsciously, particularly when tired, like a magnet. They can cause a sleepless night and leave you feeling ‘heavy’ and unhappy the following day.

If you are near the sea or a river, you can cleanse the crystals in a natural environment. Make sure the water doesn’t carry them away!

When it’s necessary to take crystals away with you, wrap them separately in natural fabric like cotton, silk or pure wool, when travelling, as the energies of crystals are like humans and sometimes they don’t get along. Crystals are programmed to do their own job so it can be like putting a heart surgeon in with a farm worker. They would have little in common. Be prepared for room boys and airport staff to make some cryptic comment about the heavier than usual baggage. When I tell them truthfully, they are full of stones, I’m never believed-remember the heavy bag requires an extra tip too.


Some healers believe you should put crystals out in the moonlight. This does not make any sense to me as moonlight will not re-energise crystals. Think about the yin and the yang. Sun and moon. Crystals should be cleansed and re-charged in sea salt water, in the light. Quartz crystal only can have 2/3 drops of vinegar added to the sea sat water. I do this first thing every morning, before I forget, and long before I have to think of preparing a meal. Cooking smells can affect the cleansing. They remain in the light/sun for several hours. Crystals can also be cleansed in sand from the seashore or pure quartz crystal powder, but the latter is very expensive. If crystals are not going to be used for some time, I have heard of healers who bury them in soil in the garden. (Don’t forget where they are!) Personally, I don’t think I’d be happy doing that with all the chemicals & pesticides used on soil.

None of these cleansing methods are as effective as sea salt crystals.

Never cleanse or store crystals in synthetic fabrics or containers like plastic. Use only glass bowls for cleansing and natural material such as cotton cloth for storing.

To remove damage to the auric layers caused by x-rays, chemotherapy etc.

Use 1 tablespoon of sea salt and 2 teaspoons of baking soda in the bathtub. This will cleanse a person’s aura. This needs to be repeated up to five times with total immersion, according to how much radiation one has been exposed to.

Amethysts do not like to be in the sun for long…they are geodes and their outer dark mineral shell acts as protection from the strong rays of the sun. If they are in the sun too long they will fade and their vibration can be badly affected, so much so, they become useless.

Use a small amethyst cluster in the bedroom about 1ft away from you on a table or near the pillow for better sleep. A small amethyst pendant can be very effective hung below the heart chakra. It should be cleansed regularly as it will absorb negative energy even from healthy individuals.

Ladies should pay attention to their jewellery! Those pieces with gemstones need cleansing regularly as above. I have a large square cut amethyst dress ring which is normally a vibrant reddish purple, but when my own vibrations are at a low ebb the ring changes dramatically to an inky green/blue. I cleanse it in sea salt water and re-charge it on a cluster of amethyst.

Second-hand jewellery made with any precious or semi-precious stones hold the vibrations of all previous owners. It is very important that such jewellery is cleansed thoroughly before using. This won’t remove all the vibrations, but can remove most of the negative ones. If the buyer is sensitive they will be aware when a piece of jewellery, whilst looking pleasing and beautiful, may cause doubt in their mind or even repel them. They would be well advised not to buy or use it. It is the negative forces still held within and therefore, this is a case of buyer beware.

There are many crystals which should not be cleansed in water, but placed on an amethyst cluster or within an amethyst geode (see photograph) which will absorb any negative energy and re-charge the crystal. (See - usage of gemstones) When cleansing crystals in water do not use extremes of temperature. Crystals are prone to crack during exposure to rapid heat/cold change and quartz crystal is arguably the most fragile in this regard, being a poor conductor of heat or cold. If unsure use incense smoke. This can be time-consuming, but is a very effective method of cleansing crystals.

To activate the pineal gland (third eye) a small piece of quartz can be used. However, moldavite, though difficult to find, is the better stone for this work. An individual who suffers with mental related illness or depression should never activate the third eye with any crystal.

Although many people, including healers, mix crystals, placing different stones on the chakras of their bodies, this can be a dangerous practise. For instance, only one other type of crystal should be used in conjunction with quartz at any given time as quartz amplifies other gemstones.

A sick plant can be helped heal through its own auric field, by using certain semi-precious stones like turquoise etc. on the soil around the plant. However, the use of crystals with a very strong energy field like quartz or a large amethyst can probably do more harm than good by over-powering the sick plant.

Rose quartz is ideal to use when a person is troubled and having difficulty finding peace of mind. It is better to use this in meditation or during the night, close to the person to promote peaceful rest. Any quartz used during the night must be cleansed before re-use.

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