There are ley lines and energy centres (vortices on earth). Similarly there are energy centres known as chakras in the human body. All living invertebrates have a chakra system.  A clairvoyant can often see these vortices which are oval, not round, and their colours within the egg-shaped auric field of the etheric body. Whilst there are over 360 chakras in the human body or within its aura, there are just seven major chakras which intersect the spinal cord. These are seen by psychics and those in spirit as the colours of the rainbow.

(See diagram and also Cleansing the aura.)

Reflexology chart of the feet
Chakra chart of the body

There are other important chakras. These are in the hands, feet and one in the mid brain area. Five very important chakras sit above the crown chakra in the auric field or halo surrounding the head. These five spiritual chakras are the link to the Universe, but many humans do not have these developed. The twelfth chakra, the highest above the crown is white, which encompasses all colours. Development of the colours of these chakras can be likened to the spiritual chart or path, which we all must develop through incarnations on the physical and work, which we do between lives on the spirit level.

Sometimes sensitives, particularly healers, may say a chakra is ‘closed’. The fact is that if a chakra were closed, literally, then the person would be dead! What the healer means is that the chakra that is perceived as ‘closed’ is partially blocked by negative energy. This causes the chakras natural vibrational flow to be impeded.  The Life Force is drawn in with our breath from the atmosphere, entering these chakras and is distributed throughout our entire body. The energy is drawn to the Power House, or solar plexus. This energy is distributed from the solar plexus to other major and minor chakras. It thus becomes part of the Universal Energy. It is in this energy that those in spirit distinguish between one another. We all have a unique signature in our auras and just as we recognise each other on the earth plane by our features and colouring etc. those in spirit sense/see the human auric field, and by this can tell not only the state of our health, but the state of our souls.

In a healer the chakras in the centre of the hands are extremely important and developed, as the healer senses disturbances within the auric field through the hands as well as giving healing through them to balance the energies in the patient’s auric field. Often a healer will find one hand is far more sensitive than the other, usually it is the right hand. However, if the condition of the patient is extremely serious both hands will be equally sensitive. It is worth mentioning here that the ‘activity’ of the healer’s hands alters significantly when those in spirit who are highly evolved entities work through the healer.  A healer gives out a significant amount of healing energy through the solar plexus at the same time as he/she works with their hands. They also use a certain amount of their own energy during healing as well as channelling the Universal Energy Force.

Reflexology chart of the feet
Reflexology chart of the feet

Foot Chakras (see Reflexology chart) There are several minor chakras in each foot, but only one major one.These are essential as they enable us to root our energy system, just as lightening seeks to ground its energy into the earth. This enables each individual to ground their system to the earth. It is very important that  healer and patient are both grounded as this is the stabilising force for our entire auric field. This is why many healers will request that patients remove their shoes. Healers also often work without footwear.

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