Auras and Halos
February, 2003

I have been asked by a visitor to my website the difference between an aura and halo. Whilst I felt that I knew the answer, I took the opportunity to have a more detailed answer during a channelling session. This question was put to Harry during a psychic surgery session.

Joy. Harry can you tell me what is the difference between a halo and an aura? This is something I have been asked.

H. That is a very interesting question in the way that it has been put. An aura is the general aspect of the physical body of the entity as a whole. It also comes in various states of thickness as we expand or diminish our spirituality. It comes in a variety of colours which are pertinent to each area of the body. That is the chakras of the body.

Joy. That is to do with evolvement?

The Light of the World
The Light of the World

H. Precisely so. A halo is also to do with evolvement. However, the halo is to do with another plane of evolvement entirely. The higher plane of your spiritual soul. This is formed within the halo. In most people this halo is barely noticeable whilst those who are highly developed in this plane as well as on the physical plane it is more noticeable. It is not something which is seen very often by those living on the earth plane. This is because it is of a higher vibrational essence which is usually seen on what we call the 4th plane. There are few individuals on the earth plane who are able to expand their own aura and halo and be so attuned to see this. It is a rarity.

The halo effect principally applies over the head area and shoulders only. In some cases only from the third eye to the back of the head. In terms of encapsulation it is a much smaller area than that of the aura. But it is of a very high vibration. The colours of the halo are less frequent in their display. There are restrictions of colour in what one can see in a halo. White predominates, as does silver and sometimes gold as well as deep purple. There are one or two exceptions. It really depends upon the spiritual plane the entity is on. This applies to both the physical and spiritual plane. The chakras which are in the development stages of the halo effect which are also on the physical are the Third Eye, the Crown Chakra, there are also 5 above the head which are already known to you Joy. There is one high above the head which is not associated with the physical plane at all. There is another at the base of the skull also. So it’s almost a triangular effect of a chakra system from the base of the skull and third eye upwards. These are all in harmony with one another. They are both of an intuitive nature for some and also go with an ability to work direct with The One that is known. (This refers to The Source). For others, these chakras are to expand their intuitive abilities to work on that plane. This is more of the soul’s plane in its pure state. The aura and halo do mingle. However, in essence they are separate entities, because their functions are separate.

Joy. I noticed this with Kirlian photography. You can see the white light in some auras.

H. It is not always visible, even with Kirlian photography. It is very good for auric fields, but not good at showing up the halo. You may well see the mingling-as with your own case Joy, you will see the interaction between the two-the white light which you speak of and the joining together of the two. But the full expanse of the halo will not show even with Kirlian photography. Maybe that will be for future developments? As you are aware many on the physical do not believe in Kirlian. It has been laughed at by many, but will come to the fore again with our brothers and sisters in spirit when the time is right.

Joy. What you have stated is what I suspected on a higher self level. Kirlian photography is fascinating in itself. I was quite stunned when I saw this on my own photograph.

H. It is something which is difficult to describe to those on the physical, but I hope you

Joy. Yes…the lady herself says she sees halos but not auras.

H. It is usually the other way around-very rare for ones on the physical to see a halo, that is unless they are highly developed psychically. I believe this lady is seeing part of the aura, not a halo. It is most difficult because the psychic visual range in itself is restricted on the physical. It would only occur with an individual who has worked for many years in a psychic field and has developed this to its fullest potential-yes, very rare indeed. I must state again the halo-is quite separate from the aura. It is the aura that most see. It is not seen as it is here on our plane. If this person who has asked the question also sees archangels then it is indeed possible that she may also see a halo.

Joy. I don't know about this, but don't think so. However, I am sure she will be very pleased with your answer.

H. As always I am delighted to answer this questions-it is a pleasant change from working with medical issues! Although some questions are not within my field of expertise there are those present who can help!

On auric layers. This information was given some years ago.

H: When etheric layers are of a thick nature it sometimes makes it difficult to see the inner layer of the aura.

Joy: Can you explain that? I am not sure what you mean. Why some people have thicker etheric fields than others?

H: It is a matter of several things, and to do with the physical body with which they were born and the health of that over a period of many years.

Joy: Does a thicker etheric layer denote a healthier person?

H: Yes and No. I am sorry I can't answer that more clearly. It is that some people have quite thick auras like layers of the skin being thicker on some people more than others. Yes? It does not denote healthiness or otherwise. It is regarding how the vibrations are arranged around the physical body. It can be thick or thin. This does not mean that people who have a thin or small vibration are unhealthy; they can be just as fit or energetic as those with a thick vibration. It is a different concept. As we expanded your vibration (during psychic surgery) we filled it in with anaesthesia. This helped it hold in the substance and from that view it makes it easier for us to work on because we do not have to expand the actual vibration. Yours temporarily became like a balloon. Others are permanently in such a way...this allows for greater freedom of movement. It doesn't matter however as someone can have a thick vibration and be extremely ill. And vice versa. It depends upon the quality of the vibration.

There are a few practitioners of AuraTherapy. Thy do not have to formal qualifications-many are spiritual healers. The healers themselves must be able to see the auric field of their patients. The auric fields are altered dramatically by the usage of crystals-particularly on the chakra areas. Some healers will use crystals to alter the patient's auric field, but mainly they will channel the Universal Energy as does a Spiritual Healer or Reiki practitioner. It must be stated here that any healer who uses crystals must understand fully what they work with. As stated in other sections, crystals should never be used on patients who have cancer.

A dull aura, for example, could show poor health and an exhausted patient. Dark patches over certain organs may indicate the presence of disease. Unfortunately the colours within the aura are likely to be interpreted according to the practitioner's own belief. For instance, some would interpret the colour red as portraying anger, whilst in a healer it is an indication of the energy force being given out. Red is actually the colour of life and physical vigour, representing energy and passions.

Orange is also associated with energy and health as well as a strong personality. It can indicate consideration of others, but too much orange can indicate an overemphasis on selfish goals and ambitions. It is the colour of the adrenal glands, sexual function and the spleen. It can also indicate disillusionment.

Yellow can indicate that the person is worried or frustrated. However, golden yellow is a sign of spiritual development and insight. Yellow is associated with the pancreas, digestive system, reproduction.

Green is the colour of regeneration and healing, it is associated with the thymus gland, the heart and circulatory system.

Blue shows integrity and inspiration. Pale blue indicates learning and scholarship. Physically, blue is the colour of the thyroid gland and is associated with the ears, nose and throat.

Indigo indicated a tendency to act upon intuition and spiritual truth as well as moral values and transcendence of the physical world. It is associated with the pituitary gland and lymphatic system.

Violet is the colour of spiritual enlightenment insight and love. It represents the pineal gland, the nervous system and integration of the whole body.

White is the colour of perfection. Ideals and truth are represented by this colour. It is the highest colour in the spectrum.

Black or grey colours show the aura contains negative thoughts or emotions

See Section on ENERGIES and CHAKRAS