Transition from the physical plane to spirit.

The actual act of dying and our experience of it, depend upon how we approach it on both the physical and spiritual level. Very often when an entity is in the process of dying, or actually has died they ‘see’ their own physical body as they left it on the physical and are strongly aware of those who loved them grieving, whilst they themselves may be experiencing a euphoric state of freedom and light, as they leave their heavy bodies and pain behind.

The transition of the soul from the physical to the spirit dimension depends entirely upon the evolvement of the individual. Basically, those on the lower levels will need time to adjust whilst ‘old’ souls returning from working on a spiritual level with mankind, will travel quickly to their rightful place with no need for adjustment. After all, they see this journey as a return to their proper home. However, where such a soul has suffered a prolonged illness they too will need to rest their essence/vibration.

Perhaps the most difficult death to accept for both the living and the dying is that of a young person, particularly where the young person has died a violent or unexpected death such as in an accident. Those grieving for their young loved ones find it almost impossible to come to terms with their loss and can go through an agony of emotions, guilt, anger, bitterness, blame of others, or themselves, and will almost certainly take much longer to recover than the one who has died.

Sadly, in the case of a young person who has died suddenly and/or violently, they can often be disorientated for some time, not knowing what has happened to them, or even that they are dead. However, there are always those close to them on a spiritual level to help and to guide them to their natural plane of existence in the hereafter. Often they are met by relatives and their own spiritual guides. Anger at their ‘lost’ or foreshortened lives are dealt with by those trained to help such cases. They can re-visit their earth families when it is felt that the time is right. In this way they can also help them. Often those left grieving on the physical are aware of their loved ones. Many such incidents have been recorded.* (See Jon)

Souls often leave their physical bodies behind minutes prior to actual death. The soul leaves via the crown chakra. They can leave up to a day prior to death particularly when in great pain. However, in normal cases of death, the soul stays close to the dying body for some time. (i.e. in case of recovery following an operation etc.) Where people have endured long illnesses, which will have depleted their energy level, it’s unlikely that they will have recovered their ‘essence’ sufficiently to attend their own funeral. Their spirit/vibration needs to recover lost energy and they will be taken to a place of rest for a short time.

In a ‘normal’ death there is a choice-if the soul wishes to attend its own funeral it can-if permission has been granted by a higher authority. This however, is unlikely to be granted to those who are on the lower levels of evolvement. Most souls will want to move away as soon as possible from the heavy vibration of Earth. As they have almost certainly been met by the souls of their loved ones already in spirit and will have the comfort of their own guide at hand, they will not want to linger long, but wish to hasten to the plane of their own spiritual evolvement, to be with those nearest to them on a spiritual level. This of course means that they may find their loved ones separated from them yet again.

*(See Between lives in spirit)

The act of dying has often been likened to travelling in a long tunnel with light at the end towards which the soul is reaching out. It is at this time that they may be spoken to or be aware of the spirit/souls of those waiting to greet them. Many experiencing OOB or death experiences are likely to hear/sense musical vibrations. The further along the tunnel the soul travels towards the light of the other side, the more musical the sound. This has been well documented by many who have experienced being out-of-body and returned to tell what happened. In the latter case they may well have been told to return to earth, as it is not their time to pass over. This was the case I experienced-I was told I still had work to do on the physical and here I am 20 years later still doing it! (See OOB experiences)
The experience of passing from the Earth’s astral plane is usually one of great peace and joy.

Souls have little interest in what happens to their earthly bodies once ‘dead’. After all, it was only a vehicle for their spirit/soul, which is now in its proper home. Indeed where there had been pain they will feel a great relief and freedom now free of the physical body. Although some may wish to linger near their families who grieve, they often stay within the family group until after the funeral. Some are ‘tied’ to their families for too long, by the negative feelings of anger the bereaved cling to.

The meeting up with ones loved ones and spiritual guides, once the transition has been made, is one of instant recognition. Whilst some manifest in an almost physical form, the more evolved find this unnecessary as they recognise the vibration of loved ones. Communication is by telepathy. The more advanced the soul, the more prepared for its physical death, the quicker and easier the transition. These evolved souls are very keen to return to their true home.

Unfortunately there are those who have dark souls and are troubled spirits. These will not experience the joys of the above and are unlikely to be met for some time. Eventually they will be helped by an advanced soul. Often these troubled souls hang around Earth’s heavy vibration and can cause mayhem to gullible people on the physical. Sometimes they just wish to stay where they feel they belong and where they probably met with their death-hence the haunted house syndrome where spirits are earth-bound. They are caught in a strange 'time warp', which exists between the lower astral planes of Earth and finer spirit world.

Whilst some of these poor souls mean no harm, many can and do wreak havoc. Beware of calling these lost souls up by the usage of ouija boards and table rocking etc. These misguided souls have usually sent their guides away. They have refused to be helped. Until they wish to ‘see the light’ and be helped to make the transition then they will remain to haunt or disturb those on the physical. Sometimes exorcism by a person on the physical who knows what he/she is doing can help. Often they are able to persuade the unhappy soul to leave the person or place they are haunting. This can be a risky business and really does need someone experienced, or the exorcist can himself or herself be affected badly. It should be noted that negative forces emanate from ourselves-these lost souls will not seek us out unless we have laid ourselves open or actively sought them out.

Remember the Universal Law: - LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE

This is still a ‘taboo’ subject for many on the physical. One they refuse to address because the thought of their own mortality causes them fear. This was brought home to me forcibly when giving healing to a patient who said ‘I fear dying, because I fear God’. Her husband was a lay-preacher of the church, yet clearly she found no comfort in her regular attendance. I asked ‘Do you mean you fear God as in being afraid or in awe?’ She replied that she was afraid in terms of actual fear, rather than awe.

Somewhat surprised at this reply I answered her that she had nothing to fear from God/ Creator, the only thing she needed to fear was her own nature. I had explained earlier to her about Guides and that all is known, our thoughts, our words and deeds. This is necessary for karmic reasons and our Akashic records. So clearly this patient’s response showed her fear of her own nature. She admitted she often spoke and acted in an uncharitable manner just as many of us do. She was afraid of confronting this.

Far from being judged when we pass over, we have to judge ourselves, face our own souls. However, in living our lives we can create or negate past karma. It is our future karma of which we should be aware because this is decided not by us, but by other highly evolved souls.
(See Karma)

* This is a true story related to me by friends who had lost their 5yr old grandson Jon, when he suddenly had a heart attack.

Jon had literally died whilst in his pushchair on a shopping trip with his mother. For a long time this family was inconsolable and could not talk to each other about the tragic loss of the child. Some months after the death, I was asked if I’d have a talk with the child’s mother Carol, who I’d never met. The first occasion was a very lengthy phone call in which she told me that Jon had apparently been ‘seen’ by his sister and cousins many times, usually when they were playing games outside. At first his appearance and clear longing to play with them frightened them all, but gradually they accepted his presence. His sister, who was some years older, eventually told her mother. It was at this stage that she rang me. Carol admitted she often felt Jon around her and that she felt him twiddling her hair when she was seated, just as he had when on the physical. She had been unable to tell her own parents, as she didn’t think they would believe her. After our talk I offered to go the grandparent’s home and talk with them all as a family.

I did know her parents, George and Sybil, although we had never talked about the esoteric, they knew I worked as a healer. With the ice broken prior to my visit, Carol told her parents what she’d told me. Her father George, was a very staid and stern man, the last person one would have expected to be remotely psychic or interested in the paranormal, so I could understand her reluctance to share her story with him. However, George soon admitted he’d had several psychic experiences since being a young man, but had never mentioned this to his amazed wife and daughter until that moment, for fear of them thinking he needed psychiatric help!

Since his little grandson’s death he’d experienced an amazing visit from Jon, but had never mentioned it as he thought it a) might frighten his wife and b) might upset his daughter. This was his story:-

After midnight he heard the handle on the bedroom door being tried. At first he thought it was his eldest son who had been out for the evening who perhaps had a problem with his car. However, the door opened gently, squeaking a little as it always did, and his little grandson, bathed in pale light stood in the open door smiling at him and beckoning George to follow. Whilst his wife was totally unaware, so deep in sleep was she, he decided to get up and follow the little boy who held out his hand and called him ‘Bampy’.

He followed the little figure downstairs and into the kitchen where the little one passed through the back door laughing, knowing his grandfather couldn’t do that and had to open it, but still he beckoned him to follow. George quickly unlocked the door and saw his grandchild near the middle of the garden path. It was a very cold winter’s night, clear and starlit.

As he began walking towards Jon, the little boy suddenly spread his arms wide and put his hand up to stop George following him. He just said ‘Bye Bye Bampy’ and suddenly disappeared into the white light, which had surrounded him. George felt saddened not to be able to follow his grandson and amazed at what had happened. However, he felt that Jon had come specifically to let him know that he was happy, very much alive in the spirit world, whilst still close to his family on the physical.

Until that evening none of these happenings had ever been disclosed to each other. Unfortunately, the grandmother was bewildered and a little hurt that she had never felt the child’s presence as she had been particularly close to him. I explained this was only to do with what she was able to tune into on a psychic level-it had nothing to do with the child’s love for her. I said that like her, I was not particularly psychic on a clairvoyant level-I didn’t usually ‘see’ things, but I sensed them in other ways. She shouldn’t feel she was in anyway inadequate.

It was sad to think that George felt unable to discuss this at the time he’d had this wonderful meeting with his grandson, but better late than never and the combined experiences of Carol, the mother, the sister and cousins, as well as George, not only helped the whole family come to terms with their loss, but allowed the soul of Jon to be released to that level in spirit where he was destined to be.

I was shown a photo of the little boy who looked like a little angel with his mop of blond curls and laughing blue eyes. I could see he was a very evolved soul and said so. The whole evening we were all aware of many entities in the room and a happy, calm atmosphere pervaded. Needless to say the little boy rarely returned after that night. It had also meant that the whole family were able to move forward from the grieving period and talk-at last.

Whilst the lead up to the actual death of the physical body can be painful for some individuals who suffer from a grave illness, or through an accident; the actual transition, it should be remembered, is one of joy and overwhelming relief from absence of physical pain/trauma.

Thanatology, study or science of the experience of death and dying, and of the process of bereavement. Although people in all societies have speculated about death, the systematic study of its experience is a recent development. In 20th-century Western culture, until the last few decades, a taboo existed against studying something as frightening and personal as death. Many people still believe that studying the dying is insensitive, but thanatologists consider their work as potentially helpful to all because, in seeking to understand the process of dying, they may be able to help make it a less alienating and frightening experience.

The work that most influenced public considerations of dying and bereavement is On Death and Dying (1969) by the Swiss-born American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

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