There is a saying ‘Always welcome a stranger, you may be meeting an angel in disguise.’ This is a truism. Throughout the ages, in every religious or spiritual belief system, angels have walked amidst mankind to help, advise, protect and lead us to the Light. They may be unseen messengers, inhabiting the spirit world. Many are on the physical in a physical body, dressed as befits the culture and country they inhabit.

The derivation of the word angel comes from the Hebrew word (mal’akh) and Greek (angelos). The meaning is messenger.

William Blake's Morning StarsThere are many orders of angels. Some work solely in and for the spirit world, whilst others work for mankind and our world. Guiding the angels are those known as archangels. In other religions they are referred to as specific gods, spirits, bodhisattvas, avatars, ancestors, asparas, ghandaravas, deities, devas etc. All religions have their own concept of a guardian angel.

Unfortunately, as our world progresses, technology dulls the senses of mankind to the spiritual. Many people refuse to believe what they cannot see, saying that angels and spirits do not exist. However, advanced medical technology has enabled some people to experience a near-death state. They have related seeing and hearing what they perceive as angels during the time lapse betwixt life and death.

Whilst a guardian angel watches over our physical welfare. Our soul guardian gathers all information of our lives for the Akashic records. Angels also try to help, inspire and advise us through our higher self. Unfortunately, many individuals are unable to ‘tune in’ for this help, or simply ignore it. There is a great sadness to this, as in connecting with ones guardian angel there is an indirect link to the Creator. A guardian angel and soul guardian work together for the individual.

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To attune to ones guardian angel can be literally a life-saving or life- altering experience. Mistakes are often avoided; we meet people ‘not by chance’ but by design. Often there is work to do for mankind, with the one met, or it may simply be karmic. These meetings are already planned prior to re-birth.

Socrates stated: God does not deal directly with man; it is by means of spirits that all intercourse and communications of gods with men, both in waking life and in sleep, is carried on.’

The Dream of Joachim by GiottoIn the Old Testament, angels acted as messengers of Yahweh, aided the prophets and revealed God’s word to mankind, they were seen as the heavenly hosts that fought the powers of evil. There are seven archangels mentioned in the Old Testament. The four most important are named. Michael, warrior leader of the heavenly army; Gabriel, the messenger; Raphael, God’s helper; and Uriel, Light of God, angel of prophecy. Gabriel was the archangel referred to as Angel of the Lord. The three less known archangels are Haniel, Raguel and Barakiel.

There are ten archangels of importance in the Hebrew tradition.

The angel closest to God, he is the link between the Divine and mankind.

Wisdom personified and Angel of Mysteries.

Angel of Contemplation

Chief of the Dominions (this refers to spiritual dominions). The Angel of Benevolence and Mercy and Justice.

The adversary who represents the severity of God. A chief of the seraphim and leader of 12,000 angels of destruction. Also Angel of Death.

Sun in Splendour, chief of the heavenly host, Angel of the Presence, Angel Of Righteousness, Angel of Mercy. Warrior leader of the heavenly army. Angel of Repentance.

Chief of the ‘brilliant beings of Light’.

Angel of Healing, of the world and all mankind, Angel of Compassion and Love.

The Prince of Justice and chief of the kerubim (chariots). Angel of Mercy, Angel of Vengeance, Angel of Death and Angel of Revelation.

Twin brother of Metatron. He ensures that the prayers of the faithful ascend to God. He is the Guardian Angel of Earth and engaged in ceaseless combat with Samael.

There are also the fallen angels. The best known to mankind is the Archdemon Satan, chief of fallen angels and the Angel of Death. He was once one of the greatest angels, a leader of the seraphim before his descent. Because of the spiritual knowledge and power that he has known, he remains a great power for evil. Other fallen angels are Lucifer, once a Light Bearer; also Beelzebub, Leviathan, Azazel, Rehab. There are others less well known. All is not peace in the spiritual world. There is a perpetual war between the powers of Light and Dark. It should be remembered that each soul adds Light or Dark according to his/her deeds, not just on the physical, but also in the spiritual world.

There are Nine Celestial Orders of Angels

Seraphim are the highest order of angels. God’s grace flows through the seraphim to the angels below, dispelling darkness and purifying the universe.

Cherubim are God’s record keepers and guardians of His glory. They are the charioteers of God and bearers of His throne.

Thrones consider how God’s decisions should manifest and bring about justice according to the universal laws.

Dominions decide what needs to be done to accomplish God’s needs, and regulate the duties of angels to ensure the universe works as it should.

Virtues draw on God’s force to work miracles on earth. They bestow grace and valour on the worthy ones.

Powers keep order in the universe and the demons from destroying the world.

Principalities watch over all nations and attempt to advise and inspire the leaders to make wise and good decisions.

The PrincipalitiesArchangels look after the affairs of mankind, acting as intermediaries between the Spirit world and the human race. They act as guardian angels to leaders of world movements. As leaders of almost every country has the power to destroy humanity and change the world we live in, archangels are assigned to them to try and advise or inspire them to take the correct course. This is done by telepathy (thought). However, all is Free Will and as we see only too clearly, even archangels are limited in their ability and authority.

Angels include guardian angels. They are assigned to every human being at the time of his or her birth. Angels of this order assist every aspect of life in the universe. They are beings of light and total love.

Many people can recall what they describe as ‘divine intervention’ in their lives when in danger, and this manifests when the individual’s time on the physical is not yet over. Sometimes the person who is in danger, hears an urgent ‘voice’. This is neither male nor female in tone. Sometimes they are warned by telepathy. However, there are cases which are much more dramatic. Normally, angels are not visible to our eyes, but occasionally they do manifest as in the story below.

Many years ago I met a man who had been cut off from the beach by quick sand. He had been swimming in the sea in an area unknown to him. He swam back to a part of the beach known by locals as treacherous, but the man himself, a visitor to the area, was not to know this. When he stopped swimming and tried to stand up, he found himself literally drowning in sand. He was being sucked into the sea so quickly that he was already waist high in sand when he was suddenly aware of the figure of a man by his side who lifted him out of the water, whilst apparently ‘standing’ himself. He then carried him to the beach. The stranger placed the man on the grassy dunes, smiled and simply disappeared. The rescued man was once an agnostic, but is convinced that he was saved by an angel. There were no footprints in the sand in any direction, and no sign of any human being having been present.

I am sure that many people could recount similar stories. Certainly there have been many tales told of pedestrians almost being killed by an on-coming vehicle feeling themselves being pushed out of the way, by an unseen hand.

Intuition is not a angel or guide speaking to you, but trusting your own higher self. This too can make the difference between life and death. It is therefore necessary to develop intuition if you wish to become attuned and hear an angel or guide speak or communicate with you. An intuitive thought or feeling will have an absolute certainty about it. This occurs whether it is a joyous or sad event. For instance, many are able to intuit when a woman is a few days pregnant, at such an early stage, she may not personally know of her happy condition. Others know intuitively when someone is seriously ill or when death is imminent.

Some people confuse the difference between their guides and their deceased loved ones. During meditation, or following a bereavement, a longing to be close to someone they deem ‘lost’ can lull people into believing that their mother/father or lost child is constantly with them. Whilst this can and does happen, it is also likely to be an awareness of their guide, who aware of the distress, will be trying to surround the person with soothing influences. Those who have passed over to spirit have to distance themselves from the earth plane at sometime. This does not prevent them from making ‘visits’ to their loved ones on the physical. It should be noted that guides are often entities who we have known in other lifetimes, rather than the present one.

As mentioned in the section (see Guides) usually only one guardian angel is allotted to an individual, but in cases where people have a great deal of responsibility, or working for mankind, they will have a team of spirit helpers. These are not necessarily angels or guides.

Guides and angels try to show us that we are worthy of love-even when we carry burdens of guilt for past misdeeds, they are always patient, loving and compassionate. They give us endless hope.

Guardian angels help us find our soul mates and or twinned souls when on the physical. They guide our steps as well as our thoughts to places where we might meet. As all is free will, we can ignore ‘the plan’ we undertook prior to re-birth. We may choose our own partners, falling in love perhaps many times and often experiencing disastrous relationships. However, no experience is wasted. That which is perceived as disastrous also teaches karmic lessons.